Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SOULCALLER finally out in bookstores and at www.amazon.com

Why I published it

At the vernissage of my work in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Adreana, a 13-year-old girl, all red faced and excited approached me, grabbed my arm and declared,
“Don William, all your pictures have spirits in them and they all talk to me.”
It was a marvelous confirmation of the process through which the images came into existence. Neither the taking of the pictures nor the production of the prints resulted from a preconceived idea of purpose or layout. Inspirited collaboration with the model in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains resulted in the collection of works published in the book “Soulcaller”.
Spirits and interludes on the shamanic way manifested themselves according to our momentary awareness. The power of the images is undiluted, a result of the natural surroundings, a multitude of beings harmonizing, manifesting an intent, celebrating life.
Meditate on the text, a confirmation of your own experience, dreams and connections to your creative powers may result.
“La pura vida”, as the young girl called it, was a gift, I brought back from Bolivia.

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