Monday, August 4, 2008

kind thoughts about SOULCALLER from a friend in Germany

Time for the truth

Dear beholder of this exceptional and extraordinarily illustrated book.
When I saw the images for the first time I tried to understand them but I had to realize fast that my intellect was incapable of doing so. What should I do with these images which exerted a magical fascination on one hand; they still do, and on the other were incomprehensible to me.
I am an open and curious scientist with doctorial degrees in physics, biophysics, veterinary medicine and Cosmo biology as well as multiple publications to my name.
So what is it that is emanating from these pictures which escapes my educated mind? Is it just my way, my use of the scientific method to look at things?
Suddenly many questions posed themselves. Why do we have the perception that time is speeding? Everything happens faster, though, seen from a point of physics and confirmed by measurements, today, one second occupies the same time frame as in the good old days. What do people mean? When in high emotional excitement they utter expressions like” I am outside myself” in anger etc. Why do many people feel that something “is in the air” when something is about to happen, even so nobody can explain or come up with appropriate information about that which is about to happen to us.
At this point I remembered the books which I read during my studies. Books filled with ancient wisdom, as well as publications about new insights in physics and cosmological sciences.
The ancient wisdom of Tibetans and Hindis tell us about specific time frames which they called Yugas. Each Yuga has a phase of ascendance and descendance. These phases are related to the oval traced by the precession of the equinoxes which refers to the precession of the earth’s axis with respect to inertial space. These phases extend
over a period of approx. 25 290 years. Old Sanskrit writings describe the enormous earth changes which will occur while passing through the extreme points of the oval. At these times we move either towards or away from the central sun of our galaxy. The old texts tell us that we fall into a “sleep like state of consciousness” when we move away from the central sun.
At present we have left the furthest point from the central sun behind us and are moving in a state of concentrated events back towards the central sun. We awake and we move through dimensional planes upwards. Our spirit is free, sensitive and aware.
That means we are currently in a time period of extreme event density. and growing consciousness. We become open to the world of spirit and the escalation of our spiritual perceptions and abilities.
Tibetans and Hindis describe this galactic time period of several thousand years as Dwapara Yuga. Our spirit is freeing itself from darkness and we perceive the increasing event densities subjectively as a speeding up of time.
The modern Global Scaling Theory (Hartmut Mueller) which emerged from space research proves those experiences with commonly known laws of our universe. They may be described with formulas but can neither be explained within our materialistic scientific paradigm nor can we grasp their meaning.
Interestingly so, with the aid of images we are capable of opening our “understanding” to the phenomena.
In Biographies of important physicists we can follow the train of thought which has revolutionized the natural sciences since the last century. We can follow the works of Bolzmann, Planck, Einstein, Bohr, de Broglie, Wiener, and Heisenberg up to a large number of scientists of our time who embrace and accept the new paradigm of physics: Primacy of the spirit over matter.

Since the middle of the 19th century the concept of primacy of matter was an unmovable reality and it followed that the effects of gravitation, magnetism, electricity and other energy fields were caused by matter. Today we know and accept as basic knowledge that spirit, meaning intelligent energy information fields cause and serve as starting point of all phenomena in the universe. Every material particle coexists with non-material frequencies within a complex matrix.
For this circumstance we created the concept of parallel universes of material and non-material matter.
Posing the question: “How large a part of the cosmos is formed by solid matter?” We find that experiments within the framework of nuclear and quantum physics provide the impressive results that our universe consists of mostly non-material fields of oscillations. The proportion of non-material fields of oscillation to material matter is one billion to one.
To explain these proportions we can imagine that the universe has a surface of 1 km by
1 km, an area of one square kilometer. We have at this point only observed and explored one square millimeter, a surface of 1 mm by 1 mm. All achievements originated by human beings and they are considerable, if not always ethically defensible accomplishments are related to only this one part of a billion of the total universe. If we open this new paradigm in natural science, the doors to the non-material part of the universe, we can surmise which possibilities will open up at the same time. We can see that present day materialistic and logical points of view of nature are no longer sufficient as research tools. As we have to look at human beings as integrated parts of the universe we need to accept the fact that we exist at the same time as material body as well as a non-material energy body. In order to understand ourselves, to perceive the non-material body, to control it we have to expand the “ratio” with”emotio” we need to include the spirit into the natural sciences.
That demands an oneness of thinking and feeling on the highest level.

No lesser than Goethe expressed it with these words:
“What you cannot feel, you will never surmise”

And that is what the shamans bring across in these pictures.

“A picture says more than a thousand words.”
Chinese proverb.

Shamans live the unity of body, spirit and soul in harmony with nature. That is what they bring to us as an aid to change our way of thinking. Their pictures, reflecting themselves, tell stories of the past, of pain and humiliation. Which women, but not only them, but people in general had to endure. They tell of the present, about awakening and strong emerging feelings and they tell about the future of humankind which is hidden in woman and born by her. They tell about a future where old needs and fears, old pains and indignities are overcome and replaced. We will see love and peace in the life of godlike human beings.

Dear beholders of these images, take ample time, shut off your reason. Please don’t think about these pictures, don’t try to comprehend the images with your intellect don’t analyze. Observe the images with the na├»ve honesty of a child and let the message affect you; permit your feelings, your emotions to embrace these images.

Only when I surrendered in this way did I feel the message of the pictures with profound inner emotion and truth.
I sincerely wish you from my heart the same indescribable beautiful and moving experience while watching these pictures.

Dr. Dr. sc. Dietmar Cimbal M.S.E.