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a return to indigenous beliefs

A return to indigenous beliefs
By William Bernard Brooks

There is no appropriate return to the romantic version of traditional indigenous beliefs. The performance of the prairie chicken dance, without proper education of its meaning and reliable information obtained from its execution is simply an empty performance of a dead belief.

There might be particular techniques/ceremonies, rituals but the information/application obtained must be useable and beneficial to the group NOW.

Indigenous beliefs, to me are like nature from which they spring, like the seasons, alive with the power of the sun, the wisdom of the directions of the universe, they provide support, guidance and value.
The endurance and survival of ancient techniques to access different states of consciousness for the benefit of the individual and thus insuring the continued survival of the tribe is proof of their value and vitality.
They provide space and opportunity for various forms of consciousness to be expressed.

Ancient awareness of universal connectedness is reflected in the scientific understanding of nonlocality and various interpretations of quantum physics.
Slipping back into the sole awareness of interconnectedness would be a dangerous regression into mass consciousness, subject to the manipulation of brutal tyrants or clever CEOs.
The development of our individual consciousness and the acceptance of the corresponding responsibility can lead to a more loving and compassionate existence.

Modern technology, just as ancient beliefs are attempts to deal with observable reality.
Controlling the weather, the environment, the hunt, assuring harmonious communal life, knowing what your enemy is doing etc. was and is achieved by technology.

The shaman and the scientist use tools to get beneficial information.
The shaman sees him/herself as part of nature (living in harmony).
The scientist sees her/himself as part of a mind structure, separate from or controlling nature (even so the best of them have always acknowledged a higher mystery and inspiration).

The people who were or are trained in influencing our lives have special costumes, (bear hides, lab coats) language, (highly specialized technical or mysterious) and behavior patterns (Trance, ecstatic movements, specific lifestyles)
These people were/are trained in highly efficient thought control.
(Primary their own thoughts).
Their different appearance and behavior gives them authority in the tribe, group;
they are believed.

Reality forms itself around the main believes (zeitgeist).
Ancient beliefs just as modern beliefs do not protect us from annihilation/evolution

Beliefs or convictions that events will be disastrous, attaching our own personal stories to thoughts of anger, greed, and fear are the basis for the creation of our self suffering experience.

If we surrender to the inherent qualities of a naturally congruent life we can find joy and its expression will create a change in our experience of apparent reality.

There is little benefit in juxtaposing ancient or modern believes they are both belief systems subject to limitations and errors in the human condition.

We can honor and support various elders from global communities to provide experiential exposure to the realities of the spiritual worlds. A willingness of the elders to teach fearlessly in the face of power structures which are still holding on to outdated cultural dogma and fearful control of horded knowledge is necessary.

The need in the modern world to find our own voice is enormous; everything is done to influence us in our consumption oriented society.
Purpose and self are disconnected.

Religion has always inserted a cast (priest, monks, rabbis, shamans etc.) that handles our relationship with a god.
We are reaching a point where we reject the claim of the clergy to be closer to God then others.

Indigenous practices (sweats, vision quests, sun dance, walk abouts, etc.) empower us to explore a direct connection with our creator (creative energy) without interference by the opinion of others.

Indigenous knowledge provides a toolbox which we can open to construct a new paradigm for expression of intelligence, wisdom and gratitude, a new consciousness based on the principal of creativity, compassion and action which acknowledges the right of all sentient beings to make choices.

We will reach that consciousness one day,
when we choose and act otherwise we choose war, conflict and suffering.

Suffering has/d a definite role in evolution. When we suffer we reach, we strain we try to eliminate the pain, by doing so we pay attention to the now, we stimulate biological changes in our system resulting in small changes or extreme mutations, a new creature appears with the potential to express more consciousness.

We will need to learn to see JOY as a basis for transformation.
Suffering brings change automatically; joy requires awareness and action for transformation.

It is the time of the translator the interlocutor to go back and forth, what the shaman has done since the beginning of history. S/he dares to change shape, to explore new worlds, to project him/herself into the skin of others, s/he creates a map of a new world, s/he returns with guidance to add to our ability to express knowledge and compassion.
The members of the tribe trust his/her ability, courage to risk his/her life and sanity for their survival.
We must empower a shaman, maybe today we have to find a new name to appease momentary indigenous sensitivities, but knowledge and intuition belong to all of us.

As an old Huichol elder once told me after I questioned him about the fear in many indigenous cultures that their cultural or spiritual heritage was misappropriated by westerners.
He thought for a while, and then he smiled and said: “Whatever is between the Creator and me, nobody can take that away from me.
If a white man wants to put on a feather and sing haijahoh to a drum, he will either make a fool of himself or he will heal somebody, if he heals somebody we should show our gratitude, if he does not, he will have taken care of his own follies. It is not a problem for me.”

We can use the ancient ritual of the sweat lodge as a means to rejuvenate our attitudes, bodies, our senses.
In the last round which we usually dedicate for gratitude/thanksgiving we thank the creator for the precious gifts we receive.
With the five senses often being ridiculed as not enough to guide us on our way; we can begin anew and acknowledge the body as our compass in relating to the world.

If we would only SEE one little girl without limps, her skin melted from her face we would never go to war again, if we should want to call ourselves Human;

if we would SMELL our lovers instead of being fooled by man made substances, we would know who belongs to whom;

if we would TASTE our foods we would not ingest disease inducing replacements for natural nutrients;

if we would LISTEN to our spouse, lover, children, parents (they tell us what they want) we would gain from a combined wisdom which certainly could assure a more joyful life;

if we would TOUCH each other, permitting an exchange of energy we would know that we need each other, indigenous or not.

The Creator gave us the tools. When we are numb on a gross physical level how can we expect to receive information on a much more subtle spiritual level. Let us use and respect the gifts we have received.

When we start with nature we start with ourselves, we must apply that knowledge to the technology which we have invented, or evolution will lead to a new beginning which will not involve Homo sapiens.

Prophesies by the Old Ones tell us that the eagle and the condor (head and heart) will fly together; we will have to look up, away from ourselves, to see them.

As long as we hold on to the fear of death, their will be no vision of the endless potentiality which is open to the human consciousness.

A new consciousness does not discriminate but applies itself to the evolution of the soul in a never ending journey.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

rebellion in Santa Cruz

one adventure turned into another
no meetings with shamans, curanderos, elders
no anacondas, jaguars or hummingbirds
no san pedro, ayahuasca or visions of spirits in the rainforest
but a rebellion in Santa Cruz against the politics of Il Presidente
canceled trips
people on barricades
blood and tension
burnt buildings on the main plaza
expelled ambassador to the US
not a good time to look like a gringo
when will we ever learn
detour to Buenos Aires to return home
the eagle and the condor are still searching the thermals to bring them together

20 de septiembre de 2008 Santa Cruz, Bolivia

sociales 320

"Interludios chamanes” en el lente de un norteamericano
William Bernard Brooks se dedica a captar en fotos su interacción con culturas indígenas y naturaleza y quiso compartir esa experiencia con el público boliviano mostrando su trabajo “Interludio chamán”. Con un vino de honor, el norteamericano inauguró la exposición presentada en la galería de Joyerías Anahí, donde los invitados elogiaron obras que también se exhibieron en Europa y Estados Unidos.
>1 Claudia Urquiza, el expositor Willam Brooks y Charis Barks.
>2 Cristina Cuéllar y José Pablo Mckellgot.
>3 Franz Lino y Teresina Urriolagoitia.
>4 Marlene de Biste, Michael Biste, Irma Valle y Douglas Valle.
A big thank you to Charis who graciously helped with introductions and translations
during the vernissage at Anahi.
If you ever go to Bolivia check her website at for competent advise and fun directions.

at ANAHI gallery Santa Cruz in Bolivia

Buenas noches Señoras y Señores
Gracias por estar con nosotros esta noche.
Tal vez mi español no sea muy bueno, así que tendré que leer mis palabras de saludos y gratitud hacia ustedes.
Muchas gracias a la linda gente de Joyerías Anahi por su paciencia, generosidad y experiencia para poder realizar esta exhibición juntos. Y también para el señor Luis Schoenhuette de la Fundación Granpaytiti por contactarme con la gente amable de Santa Cruz.
Todas las imágenes que ustedes ven en la pared, fueron tomadas cerca de mi casa en las “Montañas Rocosas” en el estado de Montana. Nosotros lo llamamos “Tierra del Cielo Grande” porque a veces parece como si fuese posible ver alrededor del mundo; es un Estado hermoso, donde se ha mantenido igual por miles de años. Montañas cubiertas de nieve, lagos de aguas cristalinas, bosques infinitos, corrientes de agua inusuales en las montañas, animales salvajes como el puma, el oso gris, y siete reservaciones indias como los “ Pies Negros y los Cri¨.
Yo nací en Alemania y desde pequeño quise ser como la gente indígena de Norte América. En los últimos 20 años, he estudiado y trabajado con muchos ancianos y médicos naturistas.
La necesidad de mantener y respetar nuestra relación con la naturaleza es aparentemente clara para todos, pero no para algunos.
En mi experiencia con la gente de la tercera edad de las tribus norte americanas, me he encontrado con una manera peculiar de comportamiento entre ellos y su ambiente. Una manera que requiere una nueva forma de pensar y actuar de la mayoría de nosotros.
Respeto es lo que necesitamos en nuestro mundo moderno. Respeto por los poderes de intuición de la gente que todavía vive en contacto cercano con la naturaleza, y respeto por la inteligencia y avances del mundo moderno tecnológico.
Yo baso parte de mi trabajo en el concepto de “Diseño es destino”. Aquí en Joyerías Anahi, la gente está creando belleza. Cuando miramos alrededor y vemos diseños bellos, un sentido de respeto se eleva en el corazón. Es normal respetar al artista, toda la cadena humana que ha participado en el proceso de crear algo que nos gusta. Cuando estamos alineados con la belleza nos abrimos, somos capaces de vernos el uno al otro desde un punto de gozo, cuando estamos gozosos queremos bailar, queremos tomarnos de las manos, queremos hacer nuevos amigos, somos agradecidos.
Yo escojo el cuerpo de la mujer porque es hermoso. Todos debemos nuestras vidas a nuestras madres. Existe una conexión inmediata con una forma que esta con nosotros desde el principio.
Algunas de las posiciones en mi trabajo están basadas en el trabajo de la profesora, doctora, Felicitas Goodman quien estudió a los “chamanes” encontrados en cuevas, tumbas, y templos alrededor del mundo. Ella descubrió que tomando estas posiciones y combinándolas con sonidos de percusión de 210 pulsos por minuto, ella fue capaz de inducir un trance que pudo mandar información desde varios niveles de conciencia.
Las imágenes ayudan a ilustrar varias posiciones e inspiran a participar en esta nueva técnica que fue llamada “Trance Estático”.
Espero poder inspirar al Cóndor y al Águila, al norte y al sur, para volar juntos, para compartir su visión del mundo y declarar una nueva visión.
Gracias de nuevo por su interés y participación en el evento cultural de Joyerías Anahi.
Todas las piezas están a la venta.
Si tienen preguntas, no duden en hacerlas, estaré encantado de contestarlas.
Hay excelentes noticias,
Las buenas noticias primero.
Todas las pinturas (o Fotos) han sido vendidas.
La mala noticia es que los cheques están todavía en sus bolsillos.

Monday, August 4, 2008

kind thoughts about SOULCALLER from a friend in Germany

Time for the truth

Dear beholder of this exceptional and extraordinarily illustrated book.
When I saw the images for the first time I tried to understand them but I had to realize fast that my intellect was incapable of doing so. What should I do with these images which exerted a magical fascination on one hand; they still do, and on the other were incomprehensible to me.
I am an open and curious scientist with doctorial degrees in physics, biophysics, veterinary medicine and Cosmo biology as well as multiple publications to my name.
So what is it that is emanating from these pictures which escapes my educated mind? Is it just my way, my use of the scientific method to look at things?
Suddenly many questions posed themselves. Why do we have the perception that time is speeding? Everything happens faster, though, seen from a point of physics and confirmed by measurements, today, one second occupies the same time frame as in the good old days. What do people mean? When in high emotional excitement they utter expressions like” I am outside myself” in anger etc. Why do many people feel that something “is in the air” when something is about to happen, even so nobody can explain or come up with appropriate information about that which is about to happen to us.
At this point I remembered the books which I read during my studies. Books filled with ancient wisdom, as well as publications about new insights in physics and cosmological sciences.
The ancient wisdom of Tibetans and Hindis tell us about specific time frames which they called Yugas. Each Yuga has a phase of ascendance and descendance. These phases are related to the oval traced by the precession of the equinoxes which refers to the precession of the earth’s axis with respect to inertial space. These phases extend
over a period of approx. 25 290 years. Old Sanskrit writings describe the enormous earth changes which will occur while passing through the extreme points of the oval. At these times we move either towards or away from the central sun of our galaxy. The old texts tell us that we fall into a “sleep like state of consciousness” when we move away from the central sun.
At present we have left the furthest point from the central sun behind us and are moving in a state of concentrated events back towards the central sun. We awake and we move through dimensional planes upwards. Our spirit is free, sensitive and aware.
That means we are currently in a time period of extreme event density. and growing consciousness. We become open to the world of spirit and the escalation of our spiritual perceptions and abilities.
Tibetans and Hindis describe this galactic time period of several thousand years as Dwapara Yuga. Our spirit is freeing itself from darkness and we perceive the increasing event densities subjectively as a speeding up of time.
The modern Global Scaling Theory (Hartmut Mueller) which emerged from space research proves those experiences with commonly known laws of our universe. They may be described with formulas but can neither be explained within our materialistic scientific paradigm nor can we grasp their meaning.
Interestingly so, with the aid of images we are capable of opening our “understanding” to the phenomena.
In Biographies of important physicists we can follow the train of thought which has revolutionized the natural sciences since the last century. We can follow the works of Bolzmann, Planck, Einstein, Bohr, de Broglie, Wiener, and Heisenberg up to a large number of scientists of our time who embrace and accept the new paradigm of physics: Primacy of the spirit over matter.

Since the middle of the 19th century the concept of primacy of matter was an unmovable reality and it followed that the effects of gravitation, magnetism, electricity and other energy fields were caused by matter. Today we know and accept as basic knowledge that spirit, meaning intelligent energy information fields cause and serve as starting point of all phenomena in the universe. Every material particle coexists with non-material frequencies within a complex matrix.
For this circumstance we created the concept of parallel universes of material and non-material matter.
Posing the question: “How large a part of the cosmos is formed by solid matter?” We find that experiments within the framework of nuclear and quantum physics provide the impressive results that our universe consists of mostly non-material fields of oscillations. The proportion of non-material fields of oscillation to material matter is one billion to one.
To explain these proportions we can imagine that the universe has a surface of 1 km by
1 km, an area of one square kilometer. We have at this point only observed and explored one square millimeter, a surface of 1 mm by 1 mm. All achievements originated by human beings and they are considerable, if not always ethically defensible accomplishments are related to only this one part of a billion of the total universe. If we open this new paradigm in natural science, the doors to the non-material part of the universe, we can surmise which possibilities will open up at the same time. We can see that present day materialistic and logical points of view of nature are no longer sufficient as research tools. As we have to look at human beings as integrated parts of the universe we need to accept the fact that we exist at the same time as material body as well as a non-material energy body. In order to understand ourselves, to perceive the non-material body, to control it we have to expand the “ratio” with”emotio” we need to include the spirit into the natural sciences.
That demands an oneness of thinking and feeling on the highest level.

No lesser than Goethe expressed it with these words:
“What you cannot feel, you will never surmise”

And that is what the shamans bring across in these pictures.

“A picture says more than a thousand words.”
Chinese proverb.

Shamans live the unity of body, spirit and soul in harmony with nature. That is what they bring to us as an aid to change our way of thinking. Their pictures, reflecting themselves, tell stories of the past, of pain and humiliation. Which women, but not only them, but people in general had to endure. They tell of the present, about awakening and strong emerging feelings and they tell about the future of humankind which is hidden in woman and born by her. They tell about a future where old needs and fears, old pains and indignities are overcome and replaced. We will see love and peace in the life of godlike human beings.

Dear beholders of these images, take ample time, shut off your reason. Please don’t think about these pictures, don’t try to comprehend the images with your intellect don’t analyze. Observe the images with the naïve honesty of a child and let the message affect you; permit your feelings, your emotions to embrace these images.

Only when I surrendered in this way did I feel the message of the pictures with profound inner emotion and truth.
I sincerely wish you from my heart the same indescribable beautiful and moving experience while watching these pictures.

Dr. Dr. sc. Dietmar Cimbal M.S.E.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sundance in Canada

I heard my heart

A fierce wind was whipping the waters of Old Man River, near the northern Montana borders. It was late in June close to a full moon. The temperatures had fallen, forcing memories of chilly days in March to compete with expectations of the sacred Sundance ceremony, which was to last for the next four days.
We were waiting in a Blackfoot camp for some of the members of the Kainai band from Canada who had gone with the Sun Dance Leaders and six virginal girls to fell a tall cottonwood tree from a stand in the near by river bottom. Ancient ceremonies had to be observed to choose the center pole, a place that would connect the Sun Dancers to the Creator.
Night was approaching fast. Below the blood red rays of the setting sun, through the deep purple shadow of a high prairie bluff, descended a long row of twin headlights. The car’s engines whined in a high pitch, their low gears grinding in an attempt to pace the delivery of the cottonwood tree.
Drumbeats from around the flickering campfires became louder, echoing the eagerness of our hearts to participate in tomorrow’s ceremony. A woman, an Elder, started the traditional welcoming whooping cries. The members of the camp fell into a chorus in an immediate support of her salute. Prayers by the pole carriers rose through the storm clouds and silenced the furious weather front for the moment. Our world honored the beginning of a holy event.
The night arrived, pushing the last patches of color from the sky. Gentle orders by the Elders directed some of the participants to move the freshly felled cottonwood tree from the flatbed truck to a position in the center of the Sun Dance Lodge where it would remain for tomorrow’s celebration.
Silenced sounds and deepening darkness covered our part of the Rocky Mountains.
I was resting in a Sundance camp, where an anxious peace settled in my heart. Bright moving points of light on the firmament reminded me of a legend in which departed Elders walked on the Wolf Road (Milky Way), and tonight it seemed as if they were coming back. Their curious eyes strained in glittering efforts to see what help was needed, what deeds were requested for the renewal of the spirit. The Sun Dancers were begging them for their wisdom and their courage.
Torrents of wind and rain lashed out again during the night. Tipis and shelters, tossing like frightened horses in cracking corrals, were tied down by strong ropes and fallen tree limbs. The shivering canvas shapes seemed to refuse to shelter their fragile occupants. The people from the sky were coming home.
A glorious pink morning light surrounded the many winged brothers whose songs awakened the camp.
Movement came slowly to the meeting place. Children clamored for attention, grandmothers hushed them and guided the little ones to the center of the Sundance lodge.
Intoning their laments, members of the tribe, old and young, brought their colorful prayer cloth and tobacco ties to the cottonwood tree. Here, after long silent prayers to the Creator, asking Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Elders and relatives for help and counsel, a link was established.
Ih-tsee-pa-ta-pee-yoop heard their prayer. The Spirits and the community had come together.
Time stood still, being in the “present” made our radiance visible. A resonant drum helped the piercing voices of the singers as the Sun Dancers raised the Center pole, the top of which was covered in red, yellow, blue and white ribbons, symbols of the four directions from which Spirit Helpers would appear. Thousands of small red cloth pouches were tied with white cords to the Center Pole; they had been dedicated by individuals who had placed tobacco together with their prayers into the tiny bags.
The Sun Dancers left, one by one, to prepare for their sacrifice.
Helpers started the Sacred Fire for the Sweat Lodge near the Sun Dance grounds. They had selected a certain number of lava rocks from the outlying mountain range and set them on logs of cottonwood, according to faithfully transmitted traditions given for the ritual of the Sweat.
Legends tell that a grateful NATOS (The Sun) had given the gift of the Sweat Lodge and the ceremony of the Sun Dance to Scarface, a Blackfoot warrior. Scarface had saved the son of NATOS, A-PI-SU-AHTS (The Morning Star) from a flock of terrifying birds, a group of angry cranes.
NATOS took Scarface into the Sweat Lodge for four rounds and healed him from his facial distortions. Eventually, Scarface returned home from his long and adventurous journey to teach his people about the healing gifts from NATOS and to marry the woman who inspired his encounter with the spirits from above.
Now here on earth, in preparation for the Sun Dance, four rounds in the Sweat Lodge opened the hearts of the brave dancers, intentions were verified, thanks were given and prayers were directed to the Creator for the good of all the people. Intense heat from red hot stones and water, poured from the sacred Buffalo Horn, combined to let the Rock and Water Spirits cleanse the bodies and minds of the men and women who had chosen to give of themselves for the benefits of their relations.
Prayerful visitors from the surrounding villages gathered around the outer circle of the Sun Dance Lodge.
I stood,
a white face,
in a sacred place
listening to sacred songs,
knowing a sacred moment.
I stood,
a pale face with sweating palms.

The drumbeats became stronger, people started to dance, their feet hit the ground to the rhythm of the heart. As the Sun Dancers entered through the Lodge’s eastern gate, the songs of the drummers changed and the dancing steps of the people fell into time with the vigor of the entering band of male and female Sun dancers. The dancers directed their faces to the sun. Their Spirits felt proud. They were ready to conquer fear, ready to emerge anew, ready for the path of healing and spiritual leadership for which the Sundance provided the initiation.
Prayers guided the various dances and ritual movements. The large group of dancers were dressed in long red cloth skirts, and adorned with wreaths of sage around their heads, wrists and ankles. Completing the first circle in the sacred Medicine Lodge they moved around the arbor lodge, and stopped at each of the four gates, which opened to the four directions. They faced the four powers and called the kindred spirits of the universe with their eagle wing-bone whistles and their prayers.
The Sun Dance Leader was pierced first by an Elder in the two areas on each side of his upper chest, which he had dedicated as his sacrifice. His breath pushed through the hollow wing-bone whistle, calling for help.
I stood in awe as twenty-eight eagles appeared out of the clouds, they circled the Center Pole in a majestic formation and disappeared towards the still snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Everyone knew this was a sacred moment; many bowed their heads with respect to nature’s participation.
Long white cotton cords, attached to the piercing pegs in the Leader’s chest were fastened high up on the sacred tree.
A screeching sound from the eagle whistles stimulated uneasiness, my blood coursed wildly in my veins as I tried to hold on to my memories of what reality is supposed to be.
I prayed as the leader of the dancers took his power back and forth toward the Center Pole. Each time his steps became more purposeful. The wounds in his chest released small trickles of blood as his flesh pulled farther from the usual boundaries of his body. As the other dancers called upon the Creator, he asked for the strength to let go, to be free from fear of the pain inherent in the final part of the ceremony. This was the moment for which he had prepared himself. He wanted to sacrifice his flesh for the benefit of all. He was ready to continue on the road of spiritual growth.
An ancient and powerful Sun Dance Song signaled him to take a last ritual bow to the Center Pole where the Creator resided during the four days of ceremonies. Encouraged by the Eagle Spirit, the dancer threw himself backward, away from the Center Pole, so that his pierced flesh could break free. The chest thongs jumped from the dancer’s body like tortured snakes. They twisted brightly against the sun as they disappeared into the blinding light of a cloudless summer sky. Seconds later they descended to a lifeless rest along the colorfully adorned trunk of the Holy Tree.
The remaining dancers were reminded of their pledges to fulfill their sacred vows to the Creator and their communities. During the following four days they honored their traditions and took strength from the suffering of their leader and the prayers of their friends and families.
IH-TSEE-PA-TA-PEE-YOOP had granted their individual requests and had healed them or one of their relatives. They knew the Creators power.
For me, faith was the only connection to the creator. I was still standing outside the sacred circle wondering when my time would come.

I saw the Sun Dance
I trembled
I stomped my feet
I heard my heart
I bowed my head
Their sacrifice
My witness to their deed
Respectful distance
I heard my heart
I had to change my life.

Friday, May 23, 2008

travelling exhibition, Soul Caller moves to Bolivia

September 2008, a month of adventure and opportunity to make new friends in Bolivia. For 6 weeks i will be travelling in the lands of the Chiquitanos and the Cruzenos.
Art and a spirit journey about which i will report in further posts.
A Dios.

Friday, February 8, 2008

celebrate "Spirit Talk" three new posters available

these images are available in poster size
for $ 39.99 + s/h
from: Montana Vortex
in Columbia Falls, Montana
7800 Hwy 2 East
please call and ask for Joe or Ali at 1-406-892-1210
they have a fun and informative web site at

Thank you

nice write up in The Montana Arts and Culture Magazine

Thanks to Randy Vralsted for the write up

please contact him for copies of the magazine with lots of info on the Arts in Montana

or call him at: 406 545 9407

Saturday, February 2, 2008

more pages from Soul Caller

i feel life

so dark
so light
i don't know

taking the sun
with gratitude
i remain alive

Friday, February 1, 2008

first page in Soul Caller

shifting shape
i enter
i come back without fear

here is the first page of SOUL CALLER,
will show you more in a few days please share your impressions and thoughts, greatly appreciate it
thank you

Thursday, January 24, 2008

book SOUL CALLER published

First sample of SOUL CALLER arrived today

you can see the basic layout and text at

I would love to see your comments and orders,

the final public version will be available in a few month.