Thursday, December 13, 2007

published in whitefish review

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skin walker

Skin Walker

The need to maintain and respect our relationships within nature is apparent to all but a few, even often demonized corporations are beginning to use alternative/ancient means to discover interfering energies in their daily operations. Real Estate is bought and developed according to rules of Feng Shui. Out of body and near death experiences are scientifically examined by universities and governments.

We as manifest humans will forever strive for more awareness, more ability to understand and participate in the journey to the source. We follow the matrix of evolution or submit to the demands of a Creator God for glorification.

Members of ancient and modern traditions and cultures have used various techniques to induce extended perceptions of the spirit/energy world. The ancient art of the shaman to travel into different realms, to gather information for healing and protection of the individual and thereby assuring the survival of the community is sometimes accomplished by his/her ability to shift form, from the usual boundaries into a desired shape which will assure the successful retrieval of beneficial knowledge.

Creating images which stimulate perception and acknowledging differing points of view is the intent of the forthcoming book “Soul Caller” by William Bernard Brooks; it contains suggestions, images and text, for the path of the “Skin-Walker” (a Native American name for a person who is able to shape-shift).
One of the images, the above “Skin-Walker” shows an interlude on the shamanic way. Exposing one’s self to controlled extended stays in nature, executing precise postures and holding to a specific intent, the practitioner is able to communicate with his spirit helpers (fields of information).

Inspirited images give us permission to alter our viewpoint and guide us to trust our experiences when interconnectedness is revealed.

When we change our place we change our perception.
When we change our form, we change our perception.
When we acknowledge our perception we can bring about healing and motivation to act for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Monday, October 22, 2007

"soul caller" an exhibition in montana


The photographer William Bernard Brooks
creates images of shamanic interludes.

Meditations in the forest and near hidden lakes in the Rocky Mountains in Montana provide an opportunity to align with energies that are still communicating with humans.
In those moments, when form and intent, desire and surrender, knowledge and manifestation coalesce into joyful bliss, we find that gratitude is the noblest of expression.

The artist creates eight signed and numbered carbon pigment prints of each subject.
Printed on Hahnemuehle Fine Art Paper:
German Etching 310gsm 13 x 19

The book “Soul Caller” with images and instructions for meditation will be available by the end of 2007

William Bernard Brooks is a photographer whose work has been shown in Europe and the United States in various galleries and publications. He lives in Montana and dedicates his attention to the harmonious interaction of indigenous cultures, nature and resulting applications in modern life.
From introduction to show at the Loft Gallery in Whitefish, Montana. November 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

da nes tapi niskuni

the sun travels heavy through a smoke filled sky,
the fires are promising a plentyful harvest of morels next spring.
survival is still an issue
the seasons listen to mother earth
man remembers his place
where we live

Montana, the big sky country inspires, scares and focuses my intent
having spent many evenings around the fire and at ceremonies with my kainai friends
i have finally begun to write about healing, respect, my place, prayers, arrogance
and compassion, happiness and participation

wanting to open the door
i ring the bell